Smashing Laptops

by Josh Wagner
cover by Marshall Hibbard

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Smashing Laptops from Dashing Gents on Vimeo.

The world’s first pregnant virgin in over 2000 years lives in Missoula, Montana. When old friends return home to witness the miracle, this poetic memoir of a nomad’s romance with one small town sparks the rediscovery of a community of guerrilla artists, gnostic magicians, anarchists and fly-fishing enthusiasts. The memories of half a dozen ex-love affairs haunt the narrator on his quest to find stability within wanderlust. SMASHING LAPTOPS evokes the passions and delusions of restless artistic spirits in a frontierless new American West where the quickest way to forge the future lies in tearing the past to shreds.

“A tumbling, unpredictable and hilarious guide for anyone seeking the way back home again.” —David Allan Cates; Author of X out of Wonderland and Freeman Walker

“Wagner’s book is beautifully written, and true, and filled with serious tenderness… You can see the words of certain passages scrawled in a notebook before they’ve been transcribed. It’s the sort of writing that can only come from experience, given to us raw and unfiltered with a charm that requires only a little prodding to fall for.” -Molly Laich, Missoula Independent