Deadwind Sea

by Josh Wagner
cover by Joiton

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No one could believe their eyes when Sergio, the unluckiest shepherd in the village, married Ivette, the most beautiful woman in medieval Europe. But when Ivette dies six days after their wedding, Sergio embarks on a fantastic voyage across the Western Sea to bring her back from the Land of the Dead. The story begins in 14th century Spain, making stops in Rome, Byzantium, and the North Pole before following the setting sun into the timeless Land of the Dead. On the way Sergio encounters a ship-full of lazy pirates, a monster hunter displaced in time, a psychotic Kris Kringle, and some seriously mind-bending cosmology. Arriving at last on the untouched continent that history would later call “America”, Sergio finds himself at the heart of a drama to liberate the new frontier from stagnation, a drama that takes him far beyond the world’s horizon.